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Predominantly vegan, but not exclusively so. There's not really a word for what I am, and my views are complicated to explain without people's eyes glazing over! But here goes anyway

I avoid most animal products for ethical reasons. I don't eat any meat from farmed animals, and try to avoid non-meat farmed animal products, as well (dairy and eggs--but really only from companies whose practices I am familiar with, OR if the food has already been purchased and will go to waste if not eaten). I have fewer ethical objections to eating wild animals, which means I do eat an occasional fish if it has been sustainably caught. I do eat some other sustainably-harvested sea creatures that are low down in the food chain and don't have a central nervous system (meaning that it is believed that they don't feel pain)--oysters, clams, mussels, scallops. I don't eat any wild game, even though I think eating, say, a hunted deer is more ethical than eating factory-farmed milk, but I just couldn't stomach it and have no urge to eat that sort of meat.

Perhaps I am a complicatedtarian!
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