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Hello all! Sorry I didn't have a chance to check in yesterday... I had a great weekend. Didn't meet a spouse at the block party that I went to on Saturday, but did have a great time! I did give my phone number to a cute boy but we'll see if he ever calls!
Sunday I spent the day at the beach, which is about the only way to deal with this awful humid weather we've been having.

Jen - I hear you about growing up a Jennifer in the 70's!! I have a group of friends that have called me by my last name for so long (to differentiate me from the other Jennifer's) that I wonder if they even know my first name! My mom swears that it wasn't popular and that she didn't know any Jennifers when I was born...not so sure that I believe her!

Belle - Congrats on the b/f situation!! You sound so much more confident of things now than you were last week. I'm glad you got some kind of indication about how serious he really is!!

Lolly - I don't think it is so bad that you plan to miss a few meetings (and at least you can do it without having to pay!) Sometimes a small break does wonders for getting re-motivated.

Lori - Good job staying OP most of the time you were in managed to come here right in the middle of some terrible weather!! Things are starting to get a bit less humid as of today.

Kay - Let us know how the new apartment is. It sounds like you have a pool there. That's cool!

Stacey - I am starving today and after reading your post, now I really want spinach dip (and tostitos!!)

Janet - Glad to hear you are sticking to the CAD program. Maybe this is what you needed to get back on track!

Sarah - Enjoy your alone time while DH is away!!

Hi to Trish, Tonya, Kier, Kirsty, and anyone else that comes out to play!!

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