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Stacey... my MIL asked me the night of the rehersal dinner. She was so rude and blunt about it, I cried!!! We waited 2 years EXACTLY! I was due on our 2 year wedding anniversary, but she came 10 days early... shewwww! OH and Emma Grace was my fave tooooo, but we decided to use my moms name for Emma's middle... Emma Judith. My middle name is my grandmothers who died before I was born... I thought it was appropriate since my mom has battled cancer and won twice. She was so touched she cried...

OH and I forget who said something about not telling names until AFTER the baby is born... not only did we NOT know the sex, we didn't tell anyone the names either. It was more special to tell the family afterwards... and no one made any comments about not liking the names. I think that is why my mom was emotional about the name... seeing little Emma and hearing she is named after you. It was very special. If she would have been a boy... Thomas Paul. Named after my uncle Tom who also died when I was young. Great guy and he deserves it!!

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