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Default Tonight's the Night!

Too bad the snacks are still out. Did you know that Spinach Dip is just as good with Tostitos as it is with Crackers?
I AM starting over tonight, though.
Did anyone else get asked the "baby" question the moment they returned from their honeymoon? People are already asking! My creative memories leader told me I can't get pregnant until my Wedding Scrapbook is done. Haha! DH said we'll have at least a two year wait then. I asked him if it was a challenge?!?! He's not ready for kids but I am. I do want to get into a bigger house first. I like the names Emma Grace or Anna Grace after my grandma (Grace) and her sister (Anna). I don't know about boys, though.
My problem with posting is that my boss walks by and I have to minimize. Then I get busy and forget about my post!!! Everyone and their dog has posted by now!
As for the is too damn hot and too muggy!! They are predicting 108 today for the high. YUCKO!!!
I should be in a swimming pool with sunscreen right now!
I'm getting back to work...more later!
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