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Hi everyone! It was pretty busy here after I left work. I am working at home today. I started at 8am, wasn't feeling well last night so I slept in a little this morning. We did have a lovely dinner with DH, and MIL before she left today. We went out for Italian. I had steamed mussels with fettucini and a plum tomato sauce. I ate the whole thing and it was huge. Also had 2 glasses of wine and bread. That's ok, hopefully it wasn't too bad. I was only at 7 points before I went so I might not be too far over.

DH leaves tonight for Las Vegas. He has always wanted to go so he is going by himself. He comes back on Friday. I know he will have fun. It will be kind of nice to have the quiet house to myself for a few days with no guests. He will be gone during next week too, oh well.

RE: baby names. My friend who is PG doesn't have any ideas so far and said that she won't tell before the baby is bron. that kills me, I wan tto know. I understand that you don't want people to make bad comments about the names you have chosen but I really like to know. Oh welll. DH and I have already picked ours - John Sanders, call him Jack. that is both our dad's names. Ane Elizabeth Lynne if it is a girl. Elizabeth was my middle name before I got married and Lynne was my mom's middle name. I love family names. Alice is my favorite, cousin and g-ma but DH doesn't like it. (I like older traditional names too). DH like to shorten everything. We may call the girl Ellie, or Lily, we prefer Lily but have a 4 year old cousin with that name.

Janet - I like AnnaLee Carol, very pretty. Glad to hear that the new diet is going well so far.

Belle - How is the haircut?

Lolly - I think it is ok to put WW off for a while if you need to as long as you don't use it as an excuse to go crazy. Good luck getting through your busy time.

Kim - How exciting to look for reception sites! Keep us posted!

Lori - I'm glad you had so much fun at the wedding adn with DF's family. That is very important. Good luck with the planning, can't wait to hear the details!

Stacey - You can do it! Get right back OP and forget everything that happened before today!

Shaylene - Stay cool

Belle - I loe the message your neive left, that is too cute! Things like that really get me since we are close to having kids.

Jen- I love the name Emma. I also suggest Emma Lynne but DH doesn't like it. Oh well. Jennifer is very popular as was Sarah when I was in school.

Brenda- Hi! We miss you! Glad to hear that PL is going well. Come post when you can!

Where are Kay and Kirsty? Haven't hear from you lately. Hi to Tonya, Steph, Jen2, Kierie and everyone. Must go...

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