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Mooz--great new site! Yes, it is hard to believe it's #17.

Earl made arrangements to buy a replacement car, so that will be good. It's a Chevy Lumina, a '97. Not real exciting, but he can get in and out of it easily, which he couldn't do with the Toyota. Will pick it up tomorrow. Have to arrange to scrap the other car. Sigh.

I was helping a new person at work. She's done phone work before, but she was just lost. Just kept getting more depressed and anxious. Tried to tell her just relax, you'll make mistakes, everyone does, as long as you get the caller the right information, don't worry about some of the technical stuff. But she still couldn't do some of the basic stuff like opening a new call. Our supervisor is going to see if he can get her some more training.

Need to get to bed.

Pleasant dreams.
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