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Hi Everyone Ugh yesterday turned out so hot and oppressive... I was hoping today would be better but it's looking to wind up along the same lines. I guess we'll just have to stay in the air conditioning yet again. I don't even think it's that it is very hot, more that it is sooo humid.

Janet... I like Annalee or Annaleigh... I think that's really sweet that you want to combine the names and it does make a really pretty name whichever way you choose to spell it.

Lori... my friends and I were talking about going to a Six Flags... we haven't gotten to yet tho. I haven't been to an amusement park in a very long time. I think we'll probably wait till it cools off a little here. What kind of wedding dress did you get? I keep hearing about the new trends in wedding dresses (ie, 2 piece).

Well, I've got to run. Hi to everyone!
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