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Default Since we are talking about names...

What do you think of the name "Ana-Lee". [One word, first name] I'd love to use that if I ever have a girl, and I love the way it sounds but I can't figure out how to spell it!


I was almost disappointed when I found out Benjamin was a boy b/c I wanted to use this name so bad! LOL

It has special significance since it's a combination of my DH's mom & grandma's names (the both passed away shortly before Ben was born.) My MIL's name was Carollee, and gran was Anne. I wanted to use the name Ana-Lee Carol.

Wow, I went on a bit about that, huh?

The CAD diet is so-far pretty easy for me to follow. Don't know if it's working though... LOL I count up the points in my head anyway (bad habit) and I'm well over the limits, soooo... Keeping my fingers crossed that by some miracle it works anyway.

Isn't weight loss simply a function of calories in vs. calories out? How can you lose weight w/out cutting calories? I'm having a hard time believing this can work, but if it does, I think I'll be one happy camper. At least right now I feel successful since I can actually manage to stick to the program! LOL

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