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Originally Posted by treaseigh
Was it you that was reading The Purpose Driven Life? If so, I wanted to say that I am, too, (along with every other spiritual/self-help book on the market) and I'm really enjoying it.
Originally Posted by cyndi7
Yes, It's me who is reading that book. It's a great book.
Originally Posted by cyndi7
I've been reading a book (The Purpose Driven Life) and I was reading in it recently about surrendering. It says that we have to surrender over and over each day, how ever many times it takes. The book is a spiritual book, I don't know if you have heard of it or not, but I think we can apply it to our eating and health as well. We need to let go of it as many times a day as it takes.(trade the negative for the positive)
Originally Posted by treaseigh
I'm reading The Purpose Driven Life, and it's helping me surrender my problems to my HP. (Christian in nature, though, for anyone who's not familiar.) I've gotten so wrapped up in my dramas lately, that I haven't seen the forest for the trees. It's a good book for pulling your head out of your ***. I'm not totally there yet, but I'm beginning to see the light!
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