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Originally Posted by skippy257
I don't know what kind of books you might be interested in, and forgive me if I am out of place for making a reccommendation, because it could be way off for what you need right now, but when I was in need of encouragement for my marriage a few years ago, I read the book "Power of a praying wife" , and it really helped me a lot. That was several years ago, and I have changed now in some of my views and beliefs, but at the time it was very helpful, and I thought I'd throw the title your way in case you find an interest in it. There is also a "Power of a praying husband" by the same person, but of course, my husband wasn't interested in that one. But really, reading some of the thoughts and praying with the author over certain issues, seemed to really help encourage me and see some areas that I could work on for my own peace of mind.
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