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Originally Posted by LMAC
Did you ever read that book "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins? If not, I highly recommend it if you are considering vegetarianism. I bought the book after considering being veggie for health reasons but that book enlighten me, big time!!! It's the cruel truth of how that meat and fish gets to our table. It is truly a gruesome process. It's also very interesting reading. You would just think we Americans would know the details of the process but we don't. We just scratch the surface of the real story. It's a big secret kept by the Beef and Dairy Association that will continue to advertise their "healthy" products on TV and in magazines, etc. They have lots of money - money shuts up a lot of people. It really is crazy and we (my husband and I) have decided we want no part of it. We enjoy being veggies and are proud of it.
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