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Thanks for all the responses. I am thinking seriously of letting the Buns and Thighs class go - third week I have come out of the class and training session exhausted and starving for the rest of the day. Trainer suggested moving our session to the afternoon, but my immediate reaction is "no". Next week I have a doctor's appointment during the class time so that will give me time to think. The problem is I really like the B&T instructor and don't want to disappoint him. Boy, does that ever sound lame, even in my head. I really need to think on this some more.

Terry - good luck with the Galloway program. I looked into that one, too, but DCFit was more convenient and less money, so that summed it up for me.

SJ - moving probably counts double I did it 16 years ago and said "never again".

Thank you all for posting your trials and tribulations - it makes me feel better that I am not in this alone or so far behind the curve. Have a great day.

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