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Finally out of the 160's!
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User name- Motivation 2001

Real name- Not telling! It's a common name, though.

Age- Early 20's. Very early 20's, lol. Will it stay that way?

Location- Canada, near the ocean

Occupation- web design / animal care

Married- Commonlaw, together since 1998

When I started Tops- July 2001!

Weight when started- 169

Weight now- 168

Goal weight- 120; TOPS goal is 125 (I am 5'2)

Anything else- I'm feeling shy so I edited this part out.

180+ / 157 / 120 (personal goal)

TOPS starting weight:169
TOPS goal weight: 125

Each smiley represents five pounds lost with TOPS!


You'll be seeing less of me in the future!

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