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It's hard, very hard. I work full days, travel an hour and a half to get to work and then an hour and a half home. I diary like a demon, every Sunday night I make appointments for my exercise so that I can still fit in some living in between. I do Ninety minutes a day. I get up an hour early and do an hour at the gym, then I do half an hour at lunch time.

It is difficult. Try and pick activities that you enjoy, that are your play time. I do swimming at weekends, coz that is just pure enjoyment to me, and I try and exercise at fun times in the gym, when there are nice people around, I don't have many friends, but am making gym and pool friends now.

Try to stay positive, I know how hard it is, I have a lot of weight to lose, and I can tell you, I really miss some of the activities I used to have more time for. My sewing machine is lying neglected in the computer room.

Hang in there soon to be thin bat!!!
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