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I'm reading the book now. I read most of his "8 Minutes in the Morning" books, and this book appears to replace the "Cruise Down Plate" method of eating from those books. The 8 Min series didn't include a lot of details about the eating plan, and left some people wondering what to do. This book lays it all out in detail. His website used to focus on 8 Min, but now it's all about the 3 Hour Diet.

They make it sound appealing at first -- eat every 3 hours, snack on candy bars, eat fast food, etc. But when you get down to it, it's very much a diet. Food choices include small portions and fat-free versions of foods such as cheese, sour cream, etc. You do get an occasional cookie or other treat, and you can eat fast food such as grilled chicken sandwiches.

I'm not knocking the diet plan, a lot of people thrive on this type of diet and if you stick to it, you will lose weight. I just think that it's not really about the timing, as he says, but that it is just another low calorie diet.

That's my opinion so far I've not finished the book yet. Plus, I'm a natural skeptic. I'm also a very picky eater, lol, and I don't eat plastic cheese or sour white fluff. I'd rather eat the real thing, and just pay attention to portion sizes.
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