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Name: Katie

Age: 17

BIRTHDAY: March 13th, 1988

LOCATION: new york city



HEIGHT: 5'6"



OCCUPATION: high school junior

More about me: I was officially diagnosed with PCOS yesterday. I just had my sonnegram done, and I do in fact have PCOS. I haven't had my period in 2 years, and I've gained 30 pounds since September. I've had a really rough time with my struggle, and I'm almost relieved to know that its from PCOS and not my own doing. I gained about 15-20 pounds the fall of my freshman year of high school, and that made me crazy. I resorted to eating disorders because nothing I did seemed to work to lose weight. Even next to near starvation I quickly plateaued and couldn't keep losing weight. I did go from 154 down to 130 and I was much happier, but not happy enough. My family moved last summer from a suburb upstate to new york city. I switched from a private to public school for junior year. This was very hard for me, I left behind many many close friends and my new school was very academically rigourous. I began to eat more, but what was more for me was really what should be a healthy amount for my body. As a result, I began to gain weight very fast. I started at 130 in early September, and by January I was already 160. I've maintained since then, but I've been very ashamed of my weight gain, blaming myself for it all. After discovering that I do in fact have PCOS, I've realized that the weight fluctuations are directly correlated with insulin resistance. I've started SBD recently and I already feel so much better after only 1 week. I plan on getting several specialists, and luckily my uncle is an excellent endocrinoligist. I feel very motivated right now and I have lots of support from family and friends. I'm going back to my old school this May because I was invited to prom, and although I may return as a size 12 as opposed to the size 6 I used to be, I am still confident and hopeful and will have a smile on my face!
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