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Hey ya'll. I have to say this is the best "support group"...EVER! Anyway, my name is Amanda. I'm 27 years old. I've been married for a little over a year (still kinda newlyweds). My DH and I actually dated for 6 years before we took the plunge and he made me an "honest woman", as my great-grandmother liked put it. I currently live in Alabama, ROLL TIDE!!! I'm originally from WV. However from the house I grew up in you could see the "Welcome to PA" sign. But I claim PA most of the time because that's were my mother grew-up and where I spent most of my life with my grandparents. I came to Alabama for college where I met my DH. I liked it so much I stayed. I'm currently a business manager for a private Audiology practice. It's stressful work but my boss just got back from Paris and brought me back a really cool Furla purse . So at least I know I'm appreciated.

I never had a real problem with my weight. It wasn't until I went to college that it really started. I went from being a very active high schooler to your typical college couch potato. I was actually pretty aware of my wieght gain and started to do something about it in my Junior year. But then I broke my ankle and also tore some ligaments and muscles in that foot. All from "falling" down 1 step. Yes, it can be done! They don't call me Grace for nothin'.

I joined LAWL after a friend of mine had great results. I got off to a bumpy start but now I've got two of the COOLEST counselors! It's nice to be able to chat it up like old friends. So far so good. However, I'm having control issues right now so WI today is going to show it. Stupid TOM!
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