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Default Ughh! Doctors!!

Doctors can be so arrogant!!
140, seems like he/she could help you in ttc before reaching that point. It would be better health wise, and so I am sure he has your best interest at heart, and that is good motivation, but if you're like me, you biological clock is ticking, and especially with PCOS, and would love to start ASAP!

I have been living with PCOS, probably I'm guessing 10-11 years,(always had symptoms, but no insurance so I suffered, thinking I was just ugly and fat! ) but only diagnosed in 2002 (or was it 2003, OH WELL!). That was when I lost down to 190 lbs, and was ttc for the first time, and went to see my gyno and they did a ultrasound of my ovaries, and discovered I had cysts, and that my ovaries were hugh. I also have been diabetic since 2002

But Sorry to bore you! I just feel your pain, I am 5'7", cw @ 242. This PCOS stuff is really bad, but I just keep thinking it could be a LOT WORSE! And that also serves as motivation for me, because I know if I dont get my weight off, and lower my insulin resistance, it WILL get worse!

Again, I tend to rattle on, Sorry! Good Luck on your journey, I wish you all the best, I know one day you will have what you heart desires

God Bless!
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