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Hey Chickies.....

Welcome Mandy!

It seems that we are in the same boat.... I am 7lbs from my goal, and I have been pretty much just maintaining for the past 4 weeks. I have become a little aggravated, considering that I have been on plan. I do like the new "Free to Live" plan, but I do think it might be keeping me from my goal. I may have to start limiting certain foods as I did before. I talked with the counselor last night at the center. They were supposed to call the dietician and find out if they need to change what I am eating. I haven't heard anything yet though.....

It is the lovely TOM for me, which makes it very hard with the water weight... I may have actually lost some weight

Even if I don't manage to loose the last 7lbs, I guess I should just admit that it is amazing to loose 83lbs (even though I want it to be 90lbs lost).

Mandy, you have done great 75lbs is wonderful!

I guess as long as all of us loose some of the unwanted weight that we are winners!

After reading about Terri Schiavo's life and death, I think we should all think about whether loosing the weight and the rollercoasters that we put ourselves on with our weight are worth what could happen to us. I don't think any of the ladies here actually have an eating disorder, but dieting can lead to eating disorders when you continue to binge, regain, and have low self esteem (which comes with being overweight). I know that I have re-evaluated my life, and I am determined to maintain a healthy weight without binging, regaining, and continued dieting. I am definately going to keep up the healthy eating habits that I have learned through LAWL. I have never eat as healthy as I have on this plan.

Anyways, I will stop depressing everyone.....

Have a great Friday and weekend, I hope everyone reaches their goals!

Good Luck Everyone!
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