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Default Glad I found you all!

Hello!! My name is Mandy. I'm 26 years old and live in Washington state. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and have been married for a little over 5 years. I've been doing La weight loss for exactly a year. I have been searching for a forum like this to talk to other lawl members. I guess I wasn't searching hard enough. I'm just so excited about this! Anyway, I'm currently at 160.8 (yes I have a digital scale, that thing is going to be the death of me!) I started out at 235.8. So today I hit the 75 pound mark!!!

I had never struggled with my weight before. I was a 5'7" athletic built girl. I usually weighed between 130 and 145. I was size 7,8 or 9 depending on the clothes. I gained about 10 pounds after highschool. I stopped playing softball and moved out to go to college, so I put on a little bit of weight. So I was about 155 for a year or so. I got married when I was 22 and 7 months later I had put on 20 pounds!!! That is where my weight issues started. At first it was just kind of strange that I had put on weight, but before I knew it I was up to 185. That is when I went to a trainer and I lost about 14 pounds. Shortly after (and by that I mean the next day) I was done with my training. I found out I was pregnant. I didn't put much weight on at the beginning, but around the last 2 months. I packed it on. I gained about 60 pounds in total. After I had my baby I got quickly got back down to 190. Now this is where my real weight gain problems began....

I was so happy and comfortable after brining our baby home that I just baked and ate and ate and ate. I would eat at all hours of the day. I watched the weight just pack on. I remember being 215 for a little while and then pow! I was at 235. I knew I needed to do something, but really didn't think I would be under the 200 pound mark again. It just seemed so impossible. Eventually I joined LAWL. I have a very loving Husband, but I knew that if I didn't do something my marriage would fall apart. Mainly because of how I felt about myself.

So that was March 29th of 2004. I'm so happy to say that today I'm about 12 pounds from my goal and I'm happier than ever. I'm fitting in to size 10's and can even sqeeze into a few size 8's. Last year my size 20's were getting a little snug. I have soooo much to say about my weight loss Journey, but I'm afraid that most people that have started reading this message have already gone on to read another one, so I'll save it for another post.

I hope to get to know some of you better. It sounds like some of us have had some pretty similiar journeys.

Thanks so much for reading this!

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