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Hello ladies, m name is Janelle I am a 27 y/o from San Antonio Texas. I am single, no boyfriend, never been married but hopefully that will change. I am currently in graduate school I am working on my Masters in Speech Therapy(Pathology) I am currently a Speech Therapist for a school district here in San Antonio. Unfornutaly, Graduate school has left me with very little time to exercise and a lot of time to gain weight.
I just recently joined LAWL, I an 5'9'' and have always been thin. However, since I have been attending graduate school I have taken an interest in eating whatever I can find. Unfortunatly, I have realized that I can not do this for to much longer, only because it has resulted in serious weight gain.

To my suprise, in October of 2004 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it was then that I realized that not only was my gaining weight due to my eating habits but also because of my thyroid disorder. I went to the doctor he put me on meds and I went to WW. I had tried WW before, I thought I would be able to achieve the same results, unfortunatly no matter how hard I tried either I couldn't stick to it, or when I did I wasnt getting the results I wanted. After going on and off WW, I saw a commercial for LAWL, that same day I came across an article on the internet that LAWL was a suggested diet for people with thyroid disorders. The end result was that I decided to give it a try. This is the most I have ever weighed and the biggest I have ever been.

My goal is to lose weight and get back into my clothes, which no longer fit and live a healthier life style.


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