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I think there's an unrealistic outlook on overweight. I had to +1 mine quite a bit. I set up a model a few years ago trying to find a one piece bathing suit. It took awhile to get the model to look quite as plump as I really was...when I wasn't fooling my own self. LOL But after I saw this thread yesterday, I went back and redid my model with the new measurements and didn't need to plus or minus anything. It came out pretty close on target just by putting in the weight, height and body type. And what a huge difference between the old and the new.

However, I think it's just the outlook. Whomever designed the model program didn't see say 240 pounds as exactly what it might be. We don't all get overweight evenly either. 240 on one might vary from 240 on may have larger thighs, while another has a larger stomach and smaller thighs.

It's kinda like shopping for clothing in the plus section, and was part of my renewed interest in losing weight. Everytime I tried to find something to wear, I spent more time complaining about the makers of plus sizes than in realizing that only I had the power to do something about it...lose the weight and not shop in plus size anymore. ;-) The last pair of shorts I tried buying in plus...I was just so aggravated over the elephant leg style. My thighs weren't huge, my stomach was. So I kept thinking why is it they think that because I need a larger waist that my thighs must be the same size as my waist and they make shorts in my size to look like a skirt? That's when one overweight sales lady suggested doing what she my shorts in the men's section. For some reason, clothing manufacturers view overweight men as having regular sized legs and overweight women as having humongous cellulite flabs for thighs.

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