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Default Diet Coke Cake

I usually take the honors of making my friends' birthday cakes, because I make them lower in fat, and no one knows. They even like them better. I have to say that my absolute favorite, AND easiest thing in the world to make is the Diet Coke Cake! All you need is a cake mix, a can of diet coke, and voila!!! Mix them together and you are ready to entertain.

Just make sure to keep checking on it, because I find the time that it bakes in is inconsistent. It comes out very spongey!

Chocolate mix + Diet Coke, Yellow Mix + Diet Sprite, but have fun! I have had Diet Coke in yellow mix and it is really, really good.

For frosting, blend a packet of fat free, sugar free pudding with fat free cool whip. TRY IT!!! )
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