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Originally Posted by dierkingl
I wasn't stressed when I started taking Cortislim. I wanted to try it to see if it worked. It didn't. My coworker is still taking it, and she hasn't lost anything. It just makes her sleep better at night. The ingredient I was referring to is called vanadyl sufate (5mcg of vanadium). That is what made me tired 1 hour after taking it. I wouldn't recommend this product as it is costly. Yoga, deep breathing exercise, walking and relaxing music are great for stress, but I am not under stress. So I guess won't believe the advertising of most pills. They don't really work, diet, exercise and good old laughter work best.
The whole premise of CortiSlim is that you take it if you are stressed. It controls the chemicals that our bodies release when under extreme or extended periods of stress--the same chemicals that tend to make us carry weight in the belly area and such. If you're not stressed, then no, it's not going to work for you. It's also not going to work forever, since once those stress chemicals have been balanced out by the CortiSlim, then it's back to diet and exercise for the weight loss. I had a friend who used it and lost weight at first, then couldn't understand why she stopped losing even though she was still taking the pills. Well, once you solve a problem (controling the chemical), you can't expect the same pill to continue helping you since you no longer have that problem!

I such thing as miracle cures. However, I have recently read studies that talk about how having extra fat actually makes you FATTER! Here's an email I got from a good friend (who is educated and works in the medical profession and even spent years working in a doctor's office who specialized in women and weight loss):

You know how people keep telling you that you eat for emotional reasons and that's why you're overweight? And then you argue that "NO, I eat because it tastes good", etc.?

Well, new research shows that fat is more of an organ than they thought...and an endocrine organ at that. That's why women who are
overweight tend to have more problems with their menstrual cycles.
ALSO...and here's why you'll appreciate this at least a little bit...they've
found that the fat you already carry, when in excess, actually stimulates
communication with the brain, telling the brain to eat more. The fat, as
opposed to the other organs and natural brain signals, may actually be
what's causing those who are already overweight to continue to overeat
and maintain and add to the quantity of fat?! Go figure...the fat makes
you fatter?! Damn stuff!! That's where they are really looking at
medications to help block those signals to the brain and let the body take back its own way of stimulating appetite and hunger instead of the signals getting through to the brain from the fat.

She has suggested that I talk to a doctor who specializes in weight loss (not just a dietician or nutritionist that pushes the food pyramid at you all day long) to see if perhaps there is a SAFE prescription drug out there that will control the messages sent by fat to the brain. Don't get me wrong, diet and exercise are still a necessity even if there is a drug (like I said, no miracle cures), but something that works with the chemistry of your body rather than an over-the-counter caffeine-filled appetite suppressant may be helpful in assisting some of us to lose the fat that is making us fatter! If anyone else knows anything about this or has any imformation or suggestions to offer, I would certainly be interested.
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