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Feeling hopeless.
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Prevention website, type in sugar solution, and 5 quirps come up. Click on the blood sugar quiz and at the top of title you'll see Excerpted from The Sugar Solution (Rodale Inc., 2004), click on that it brings you to the order form. Cheapes I found even to ebay w/no S/H fees for under $25. I've been thru that test so many times thru my teen-young adult, I really hate, I can't even begin to tell you how much and of course when I was pregnant I had to do it again. I know I should, I still have to find a new doctor I'm with a new company with new insurance and I'm really in no hurry to go visit the doc again. I have a weird reaction w/doctor's office's, medical stuff and hospitals all that jazz. To say I wig, is an understatement. I think from all the negative stuff I've gone thru from a young child on, it has made me quite phobic and panicky. I know I need to go, but when you don't have one ready accessible and have to do all the searching again and so forth, it's such a pain. Plus I'm in upstate ny and our plan is with a company called cigna and primary providers are spread out vast and not one is even w/a medical facility I'm familiar with. I know, I know, excuses, excuses, if you knew what I'd been thru with doctors you wouldn't blame me.


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