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S/C/G: 176/143/138

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My highest weight was about 78kgs or so, and I dropped down to about 54kgs. Apart from the brief few months where my weight exploded to its highest i'd always been about 68kgs.

I've been maintaining at 54 for about 10 months now and I actually eat a lot more than I used too. Just different things. I know my calorie intake is usually anywhere from 1400 a day to 2100 a day, evening out over a week to about 1800-1900. I walk most every day for about an hour at about 6kms/hr and was doing weight training but due to no access to a gym over summer havent done that in 4 months. (Just recently re-joined a gym now I'm back at Uni)

I know my weight was never classified as "obese" I was in the overweight category though. However I've found that estimate maintainance calorie counts for myself are always actually UNDER what I need. I'm also an "intuitive" eater, I eat when hungry to when satisfied and I'll eat anything and moderation.

It's an interesting study, but every individual is different and every case is different. How we all deal with losing and with maintainance is different and it has just as many variations as there are people.

Height: 5'7
SW: 80kgs/176pds
CW: 65kgs/143pds

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