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Answering late to this thread because I'm fairly new here and only slowly "catching up" on what's to read, but no matter what, I need to say: wow, pretty interesting read!

I'm not sure of what category I'd place in - my highest weight ever was 75 kgs, so was it borderline obesity or simply still in the "overweight" category, but whatever - given that anyway it's not sure whether this applies to obese/reduced obese people only or "simply overweight" as well, it was a good eye-opener. I think that having this kind of facts put under the nose, even if still in the process of losing weight and not maintaining (yet), helps in "preparing" to what's at the end of the weight-loss journey.

The acceptance of always having to be careful (and being careful, evidently) is, in my mind, what can make a big difference between maintaining and gaining weight again. We just can't blind ourselves and day-dream about how "once it is over, I can eat chips and fast-food and cookies at will, whee". Once it is understood and accepted, backed with something more than just a vague "because it it this way" (does anyone else accept these things better when they understand WHY said things are the way they are?), we have the "mental keys", sort of, to do what's needed.
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