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Feeling hopeless.
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Well I did majority of those things, as I stated in another forum, none of that has worked. I do have sleep issues as well, but meds cause other health problems for me in order to promote sleep AND has put me in the hospital. I also seem to have a high tolerance to medication, go figure so half the stuff I've ever taken either doesn't effect me at all so I take more and results in to much, or gives me headaches or stomach symptoms.

When I get up in the morning, if feels as if someone is holding me down cause I'm so physically exhausted. Trying to workout AM has been impossible, I've been trying that for a couple of months, I got sick every time. I keep thinking it's because of lack of sleep, but I could sleep for 24 hours if someone would let me. Its how exhausted I am, I don't know how to explain it any better. I've been taking some metabolic boosters that help get me thru my work day, but by 7PM, I'm so exhausted again, it's ridiculous and I still have so much to do before bed. Then when I finally relax to sleep, my mind is working overtime, my earliest bedtime in over 3 years has been 1AM.
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