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Feeling hopeless.
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Default Suprasvelte Drops

I'm writing to see if anyone has tried or heard of this mysterious drops. There is not much to be found on the web regarding this, I've seen half positive and half scam. I'm at my wits end, I've tried everything including diet and excercise, my CFS is always hindering any little progress I make. So I need some sort of energy boost via metabolizers and ever since my pills were banned last year, I've been at a loss.I have a toddler son which makes it even harder and I'm getting married in July, I feel hopeless, I'm not looking for a magic cure. Just something that will help with energy, waterweight and appetite supression. I am an emotional eater which doesn't help the equation all together, but I've always maintained a lot better when I was lighter, my CFS didn't take such a toll, so my energy was up and my appetite down. Now I'm 186lbs and need to be at least 165lbs to fit in my wedding dress and I've tried everything.I've even tried diet and stuck with it, I got so light headed all the time and was so tired, I had no energy, I increased my caloric intake and workout and only ended up gaining 5lbs in 1 week. I feel absolutely in despair. If anyone knows of any supplements to help me with these 3 keys to my past weightloss I'd be most grateful. Again thats for energy (sustaing 12 hrs), water retention and appetite suppression.
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