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Hi Everyone,

I am 29, have a 10 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. My DH is in the Army in Special Forces (Green Berets). We moved to Washington in May, love it! Lived in Germany, NY, and NC before moving here. I am originally from Norman, Ok. I miss it so much! I was in school when we lived in NC going for my RN, but kindergarten here in Wa is only 1/2 day, so I am waiting til my daughter is in school full time, before I go back.

I was a very skinny girl my whole life. When I got pregnant with my son, I actually lost a ton of weight, but when I was 27 weeks along, I was in a car accident, on bed rest til I delivered, gained 70lbs in 11 weeks. Lost it all, had my daughter, barely gained any weight with her, lost the little I did gain.

In March 2002 had to have a hysterectomy and gained about 50lbs in about 6 months. And I have just kept on gaining steadly since then. I would go on diets, lose about 25lbs and then go off, gain it all back and then some. Started then looking into a center, came to this board, got all of your wonderful insight, and decided to go with LAWL.
Have A Great Day, Athena

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