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I seldom buy any meat in the grocery store. When I do, it is only chicken or on a rare occassion, a beef roast or pork tenderloin when they are on sale. By not buying much meat, I really save in comparison to those who are checking out in front of me in line I've noticed. Generally, I spent about $50/week. We live on beans, chili, pasta salads, and lots of other one pot meals at our house. I use the frozen chicken breasts, and usually one a couple at a time in a meal. We also eat a lot of leftovers are our house. I find it easier to stay on program and we enjoy eating out a couple of times a week where we get other meats. I am getting back into eating liver and onions (which I love). Now there's a cheap meal!

Recently, I needed green peppers but they were expensive in the veggie aisle. I went to the frozen foods and for 88 cents, I could get a bag of green peppers already chopped. These work great in soups and other dishes. And, no worries about spoiling! I have also put whole green peppers in ziploc bags from my garden and used these throughout the winter in the past. This last summer, though, dd used them all in making stuffed peppers.

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