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Angry New Bio

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the boards but wanted to introduce myself rather than just staying as a lurker.

User Name: Lara H
Real Name: Lara
Age: 30
Location: Chandler AZ (Phoenix area)
Spouse: Brad Married Valentines day '98
Children: none yet
Pets: Xena, 4 yr old doberman tennessee walker hound cross; Rinny, 8 yr old all american mix; approx 60 tropical fish
Occupation: Montessori Preschool Teacher
Joined TOPS: July 11 2000
Starting weight: 237 1/2 (down from my high of 241 1/2)
Present weight: 223 1/2
Goal weight: 150 (I'll reset it with my Dr when I get there)
Exercise: Total Gym, walking, swimming when I get the chance.
Anything Else: I don't do the exchange program, rather, I have just recommitted to somersizing with an emphasis on lower carbs. I really find the food combining and lower carbs work for me I just have to stick to it.

Well, I guess that's it...


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my web site
Mya Alise: 2.22.02
Baby 2 : 5.16?.04

I have the soul of a gypsy dancer.... now I just have to find her body....

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