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Morning ladies!

Jean: Ok, Jean, you are gonna howl at this one. Per your post, "I cleaned out my pantry drawers this morning . . . I was looking for something and ran across a boxed mix with "use by 9/2003" on it..." I read, I cleaned out my pantydrawers this morning I was look for something and ran across use by etc etc. That was the chuckle I needed. I have been up since midnight with Jack. Dinner didn't sit well (he craved Sonic drive in and had chili frito pie) and vomited most of the night. No fever and he is up in bed now asleep without a tummy ache so all is ok, but I always do the little freak out because of his heart. Guess I was just sleepy and missed the actual post until I got down farther and saw you talking about bulging cans. That straightened me right up!!!!!!!

We kind of had a fun weekend. There is a restaurant in Sikeston, MO about 2.5 hours from here called Lambert's Cafe. One around Branson and one in Alabama somewhere I think. Anyway, pretty famous because they "throw the rolls" to you at your table. They also have a huge menu of country cooking stuff, roast beef, fried chicken, catfish, etc and the prices are pretty good. They bring around big bowls of country veggies, like fried okra, tomatoes and macaroni (which is gross because they put sugar in it), fried potatoes and onion, black eyed peas and then you can eat free as much as you want, you get huge and I mean huge portions of food with two veggies for around $10. The rolls are as big as your fist and yummy. Anyway, we decided to take what we shout out together when we want to do it as, "ROAD TRIP!" Just little overnighters to get us away from things. We had never been to this place and had passed their billboard every time we go to Indiana. I found a Holiday Inn Express a mile from the restaurant for $70 a night and off we went around 4 PM. Checked in to the nicest hotel room with a couch etc and nice big bed and NO ANIMALS to have to share it with for one night, unpacked and went to the restaurant. It is loud, country and fun! I couldn't decide and ended up with fried chicken and Jack had chicken fried steak almost as big as the plate. It was good food and fun, then we just went back and watched tv, Jack messed on the computer and just relaxed. Had to drive home in the rain yesterday, but that was ok.

I should brave the geriatric scooter maniacs and go to the commissary today, but I don't feel up to it. They are closed tomorrow so will have to go Tues if I don't go today. Ah, me, back to life!

Everyone have a good weekend

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