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Just dropped by to say Hi!

Faye: Now, that's not fair! 60 deg. in you neck of the woods and we are still in the teen. We did get plowed out, finally, yesterday afternoon. The plowman is a fireman and he had to work Sunday night into Monday and did need to get some sleep. But he did a great job with our long drive and he even used a snowblower to even it out. Of course, we are to expect more tomorrow.,..just not as much. Our totals were about 28" with drifts down the drive of about 5'. We did get out this AM and went food shopping, naturally! Made a batch of Chicken Soup so that is in the fridge and should keep us warm. Hope you are feeling better by this time, Faye.

Jean: Algegra, now that is a real problem. I am not mathematical but all my kids did well in Math. When they were in grammar school it was the time of the 'NEW' Math. They would ask me questions and when I gave them what I thought was the it should be done we would end up 'arguing' about it. We would go round and round until they finally decided they knew how it was done. I think it was because they had to explain it to me that they did so well in Math. One went on to get a degree in Computer Science, another got a degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. The third is a Nurse, and then there is the Business Major. I guess just because I didn't know Math I didn't hold them back.

Gloria in MA.....heading to the kitchen to figure what to prepare for supper.
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