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Good morning ladies! Well, I let dh kind of talk me into something I was hoping he would forget about it! We are going to Vegas in Aug for 9 days and seeing and doing everything we missed the first time. With the wedding and family and all, we really only got one good day of sightseeing in. Anyway, Jack has always wanted to participate in the Richard Petty driving experience and it is going to be in Las Vegas while we are there. Basically, he is there for 4 hours and learns to drive a Nascar type car and gets to take 8 laps ALONE in it at high speed. It isn't cheap either! He has just always been so good to me and he would really love to do this, so I put it in with the rest of the stuff, like Hoover Dam (which we are going to if we don't feel it is too uncomfortable weatherwise.) They have never had someone get hurt anywhere and they do these at every Nascar track in the country so I guess I will just have to grin and bear it!

Jean: I would have to take a remedial course in Algebra to even take a class in it. I have forgotten everything pretty much. My opinion is that a teacher that is really good gets across to a student who wants to learn and they don't forget. After being out of school more than 30 years, I can tell you who the best teachers are that I had. The ones that I can remember stuff. I had a lousy Algebra teacher and a worse Geometry teacher (she was an old biddy that had been at the school for years and catered only to those of her students who were good at Geometry and the rest of us could fail as far as she was concerned and I almost did.) I never understood it and even my neighbor, who tried to help me, couldn't get through to me. Now put me in an English class or a composition class and I am off and running!

I have most of the upstairs cleaned except for the vacuuming. I am still not feeling well and forced myself to do it but have to do it in spurts. I am really shaky today so I suspect that maybe my sugar is low. I have occasional problems with hypoglycemia but not enough to medicate myself.

It is supposed to be sunny and 60 today so it will be a nice change. It was pretty breezy yesterday so I was cold all day.

Guess I better get that vacuuming done

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