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Good Evening!
I'm waiting for DH to get home from a meeting; he wasn't sure what was on the agenda. It was a typical Monday at school -- the kids act like they'd never heard of a fraction let alone what to do with one. The stuff we are doing in algebra is getting harder and I don't get it! I will have to go in before school tomorrow morning and have the teacher re-explain it to me. I can't believe that I've lived for 59 years and have managed to do without knowing anything about x and y intercepts! LOL She is a wonderful teacher and very patient, lucky for me!

"Gma" -- I've had sinus headaches/infections and they are not fun! I hope you are feeling better. It was so nice here today! The sun was shining brightly and it was 45 degrees -- we lost alot of snow! People were walking outside without coats on and the birds were chirping. I hope no robins get confused and show up early -- I always feel sorry for them sitting on a pile of snow! Your supper sounds yummy!

DH just got home so I suppose I should go be sociable. Have a terrificTuesday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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