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Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm heading for bed shortly but wanted to peek in here first. Beth and Maddy left about 6 pm so I'm trying to get caught up on the laundry. We went to church and Maddy entertained the ladies sitting behind us. She's good but she likes to peek around and say, "what's that?" She didn't clap for the choir today, she must not have liked their choice of songs. It wasn't very lively music.

I'm not ready for it to be Monday but it will be a four day week for me. The teachers have an all day inservice on Friday which I don't have to attend. I have got to clean out the bedrooms so we can paint and pick out new carpet.

Gloria -- I sure don't envy you your weather! The last storm did go around us and the weatherman says it will hit 50 degree temperatures this week. That is almost too much of a change! I hope you don't lose your power . . . roasting in front of the fireplace isn't as much fun as it sounds. I can't even begin to imagine 24" of snow at one time.

The dryer is buzzing so I need to fold a load of towels. I sure didn't get much done this weekend! Have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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