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Real name: Amy

Geographical location: San Diego, CA

Age: 25

Marital Status: Married 8 Long, but wonderful years

Children/Ages: 2 & 8 both boys

Occupation: Stay at home MOM

Degrees/Certs/Skills: Degree in Home Interior Design
Cert. Medical Assistant
Cert. Phlebotomist
Candle Consultant-for fun!

Pets: a kitty named Charlie'

Hobbies/Interests: singing, scrapbooking, interior design, and my children

Height: 5'4"

Eye/Hair Color: blue/light brown/red

Date of Surgery: January 26, 2005

Type of Surgery: Roux en Y gastric bypass

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: all began in 1999

Starting Weight: highest weight ever recorded: 260 in October 1999

Weight at surgery: 247

Present Weight: 247

Goal Weight: 140, although realistically id love to be under 200

Biggest hurdle to overcome in managing after WLS: willpower and increasing water intake.

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