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Originally Posted by Meg
A lecture like this one raises more questions for us than it answers, so I'd like to take a look at some of his published papers and see what I can find out about all the excellent points that everyone's raised.
No matter what the final per cents are, all that really matters is what the scale says over time, and what we have to do to keep it telling us what we want.

The topic of 'fairness' comes up to me. Its not fair. But then there are lots of things in life that are not fair. Some people have money, good health, intelligence, a good mate, artistic or athletic gifts, etc, others dont. There are many things you can list, and if one lacks something in one area, it may seem unfair. It seems one has a choice, to throw up your hands in dispair, or to grieve the facts then move on. Not everything in life is fair, and life is what you make out of your particular set of circumstances.

We just happen to live during the wrong geologic times when famine is not common where we are lucky enough to live. Would we have been adapted for survival!! Uhhh..... Of course just to take full advantage of my fat genetics, I would never want to live during those primitive times when there were no phones or tv, computers, autos, medicine, etc. I'll gladly take this trade-off of having to eat a couple hundred fewer calories/day or whatever it turns out to be.


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