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Your math is right, Jansan, and I caught that too. However, Dr. Leibel specifically said several times that the reduced obese need 15 - 20% fewer calories per day than normal people in order to maintain (I've got it underlined in my notes with stars around it - seriously). I'm not sure where he got that number from (since you're right, it doesn't add up from the other numbers that I scribbled down) - perhaps it was from research in his lab that he didn't specifically discuss? Unfortunately, he didn't go into tons of detail since this lecture was more of an overview of his research findings. Regardless, I'm positive that he flatly said 15 - 20% fewer calories per day to maintain than normal people. A lecture like this one raises more questions for us than it answers, so I'd like to take a look at some of his published papers and see what I can find out about all the excellent points that everyone's raised.
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