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Good questions, Alberta. This study confirms a lot of what we knew anecdotally but raises even more questions. One of my big questions is the effect of age: how does when you lost the weight affect the hormonal change? Both Meg and I were in our mid-forties and in peri-menopause when we lost our poundage. I have 2 clients currently in their early forties who tell me that they were 40-50 pounds heavier when they graduated from college, but lost the weight in their early 20's, and don't have to practice chronic restrained eating. They don't eat mindlessly, but they don't diet or really think about it. Most of us on this board are well over our early twenties (not to insult our few young 'uns....we luv ya!) and are into or headed over the hormonal precipice already.

Hopefully, this research is just the tip of the iceberg and more questions will be answered. We just need to get Meg into more of those lectures

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