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My Results for pedometers $10 to $40:

OMRON HJ112 Premium Pedometer $30.75 - $35
7 reviews
- Tracks distance traveled in miles along with amount of calories burned
- Advanced technology provides added flexibility to count steps while pedometer is placed in your pocket or clipped to your belt
- 7 day memory function
- 1 year warranty

- Seems very popular, has gotten a lot of really good reviews.
- The manufacturer has run out of it at the moment, but they're still available at some stores and online sites.

Oregon Scientific PE316CA Pedometer with Calorie Counter $15-$20
34 reviews
- Some report that it overestimates steps by about 5% but this was just a handful of the people reviewing it.
- Some said it was hard to open.

Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer $30
11 reviews
- Several reports that it was inaccurate or stopped working quickly.

Sportline Electronic Step Pedometer 330 (EA)
1/2, 4 reviews
- Some reports that it stopped working after a soft fall
- extreme inaccuracy
- No extra features, just steps

Oregon Scientific Pedometer With FM Radio, Model PE316FM
9 reviews
- runs on replaceable LR44 1.5 V batteries
- everyone made complaints that the radio isn't very good, with static and annoying squeals, but it is otherwise durable.

SPORTSBRAIN iStep X Pedometer CL330
No rating.
- This one uploads your data to your personal website, apparently, through USB and possibly other methods.

Yamax SW-701 Digiwalker Pedometer
5 reviews
- Can be inaccurate at very high numbers, but seems accurate at lower numbers.
- Seems durable to the reviewers.

I didn't list any pedometers that I found under $10 or over $40. I also didn't list any that were only available at very special stores/sites, or that had no reviews. So this is really just a very small amount of pedometers and you should probably do some web searches for some of them. You can find many of these at amazon, but also at other sites. I think, based on all of these, I will go with the first one.. it is expensive, but it has a warranty, and it got some good reviews. I also only listed features if they were very different from regular features. The ability to count steps, convert to calories/miles etc is default. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else interested.
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