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What a great list of books; I see many of my favorites here. I have two to add:

Fit From Within: 101 Simple Secrets to change Your Body and Your Life -- Starting Today and Lasting Forever by Victoria Moran. As much as I have benefitted from several of the books listed above, it is this volume to which I will return most often. It is divided into 101 very brief chapters (each 2-3 pages) that can be read straight through, or as a daily meditation, or as a boost when spirits are flagging. One might call it a yogic approach, focusing as it does on the balance of body, mind and spirit. But it's yoga as written by a westerner, with a western sensibility. It is gentle, loving, compassionate and wise. I love this book.

The Body Sculpting Bible for Women by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera. A great book, with dozens and dozens of pictures and descriptions of the basics of weight lifting. With the help of this book, you can focus on form from Day One. It includes a 14-day body sculpting workout, which is then extended through 6 weeks, so that you can see -- and experience -- what happens when you begin to add sets and weights. A great book!

Thought I'd pop back in to edit and add another recommendation for a second book by Victoria Moran, Creating a Charmed Life. Although not about maintenance, it's another wonderful book that might be a useful tool in the maintenance arsenal (it is in mine). Moran is a motivational speaker and writer, and in this book she talks about slowing down, nurturing your dreams, savoring simplicity, and nourishing your spirit. The format is the same as Fit From Within -- short chapters on a wide range of subjects.
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