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OMG! I just recently found this website and it has changed my whole way of thinking as far as grocery shopping goes. I used to HATE grocery shopping. I used to spend 600.00 a month on groceries ( I have a family of 5). At the end of each week I would be scrounging for whatever I could pull together. Since this site, I LOVE to grocery shop and even look forward to it. The best part is I am already spending 200.00 a month less on groceries and I have only been participating for like 5 weeks. And after all this the best part is my cabinets keep getting fuller every week even with us eating normally all week long. It's addicting. They will give you a one month trial for 1.00 if you decide to stay on and over 90% of trial memberships do there it will only be 10.00 every 8 weeks. It's very reasonable. You don't have to be some kind of super shopper either. I never cut coupons or shopped the ads before and Like i said I am saving 200.00 a month. I know it will get to be even more as the time passes too. Last week I saved 69% on my grocery bill and there are some people who save even more! Check it out for yourself. It's at good luck and trust me it's worth it.

ps I don't work for them either, I just really love it!
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