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Christmas-- I don't want to sound bah humbug!! We go to my sister in laws and she give every brand name of everything she has... then she goes on to talk about herself how skinny she is and how skinny so and so is all the while looking at me. I ran into her at my mother in laws this weekend and she said so and so just dropped 30 lbs. Then turned and smiled at me. I wanted to say I've lost 26lbs but I don't even dare. It's always been that way even when I was only 10lbs over weight. I HATE going there! I come from a HUGE family 7 sister and 5 brothers. We didn't have alot but we has so much fun and I loved Christmas. We always got the one gift we wanted from Santa and the rest was usually clothes. Which I was happy for since most of what I had was hand me downs. She once said oh you come from such a huge family I bet you didn't get much at this time of the year!! I love going to my familes for christmas we don't exchange gifts but we play games for baskets of homemade goodies and inexpenisive items that everyone brings. At Thanksgiving we had a Pie walk and We played Bingo for other goodies. Everyone Plays! Every year I try my best to think of a good reason to get out of going to my sister in laws but I end up going and hating every minute of it. I do now make a point of bringing my own drinks. One Christmas my sister in law asked in a crowd full of ppl (some I didn't know) if I'd like a glass of wine. ( I was across the room) and I said yes thanks you. Then she said well then get up and get it yourself. Then she smiled and said smuggly that wasn't very nice of me. Needless to say I felt foolish she loves to think of new ways to make me feel this way. I'm going to stop now... sorry

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