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Default Any Plans fo the holidays

Hello Group,

Just a little survey here.

How do you plan to spend the holidays?; and sub question how are you gonna deal with all those high fat, high calorie foods usually served at this time of year....?

On my side of the world, i'll spend X-mas eve at my parents place. Since i'll probably get myself beaten if i show up with Meal replacement shakes, i'll have some turkey and meat pie....on the other hand, i'll try to stay away from the bread basket.

New-Year period will be spent at a resort center north of Montreal. On the positive side, this resort is outdoors sports oriented:there are facilities for Cross-Country ski, snowshoeing, and skate. On the less poistive side, altough not fast-food, their meals are served in very big portions.

One very positve thing about this place, is that New-year period is reserved for single people, so we feel less alone; so less emotional no-one likes me eating marathons....
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