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Originally Posted by African
How do you like being called a fatty? Not nice –well the feeling is mutual when you are speaking of something like this where you have no knowledge? And is not the one making an honest buck growing and selling.
I would like to comment here that we did not seek you out, we did not name your company, and we did not ask you to post here to advertise your products. You came here, advertised your company on our website, even when our rules of registration specifically said no advertising was permitted. We edited your profile to remove the url to your sales website. We edited your posts to remove your product offers. Our normal procedure is to ban advertisers on site, because our rules against advertising are that strict! If we miss them, then our members are usually quick to hit the "report this post" button and let us know. They don't want advertisements here, either. They want information on diet and exercise, and community support through the weight loss journey. Most of our members have said at one point or another that they love it here because it's a safe haven against solicitors.

You wish to insult us simply because we did not allow you to promote your product here. But just remember, you came here, read our forum rules, and you chose to ignore them.

If this is the type of response we are going to receive from this thread, if it just attracts people that want to promote questionable products, then I think it's time to close this thread, and let us get back to losing weight.
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