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Originally Posted by African
To say the least is that your skepticism rules your reasoning, did you even look at the photos of the Hoodia gordonii being cultivated before you claimed it might not be Hoodia gordonii?
So we're supposed to ASSUME based on your *word* that just because you have photos of hoodia being cultivated that the powder/pills you send them is what they're getting? My skeptical self says yeah, right...

Originally Posted by African
How do you like being called a fatty?
Why should I care? I don't know you, and if you're calling ME personally a fatty, then you sure as heck don't know ME. And I'm sure that all your potential 'customers' who might be reading this will be assured that you only have their best interests (rather than their Visa card limits) at heart (not).

Originally Posted by African
This is my last post...
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