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To say the least is that your skepticism rules your reasoning, did you even look at the photos of the Hoodia gordonii being cultivated before you claimed it might not be Hoodia gordonii? Hmm MrsJim

And as far as I am concerned most of you with your complexes need some Sceletium to calm down and stop sounding like plain nasty ventors.

If you had any botanical experience you would be able to tell that mine is indeed Hoodia gordonii, but I have neither the time nor the patience to try and explain that to you, your skeptic minds would probably twist that to suite your misconceived perceptions too!

This is my last post and as far as I am concerned you guys really need experience before cracking people of! How do you like being called a fatty? Not nice –well the feeling is mutual when you are speaking of something like this where you have no knowledge? And is not the one making an honest buck growing and selling.

To verify purity of Hoodia gordonii pills, simply request an analysis cert, then you would have to be brave enough to try it once you receive the pills and the batch numbers corresponds with the certificate. Use that when trying other peoples stuff, else who knows what you might be getting?

For interests sake below find a list of Hoodia species.

Hoodia albisina

Hoodia annulata

Hoodia bainii

Hoodia barklyi

Hoodia burkei

Hoodia cactiformis

Hoodia coleorum

Hoodia currori

Hoodia delaetiana

Hoodia dinteri

Hoodia dregei

Hoodia duvalli

Hoodia felina

Hoodia flava

Hoodia foetida

Hoodia gibbosa

Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia grandis

Hoodia haagnerae

Hoodia husabensis

Hoodia juttae

Hoodia langii

Hoodia longispina

Hoodia lugardii

Hoodia lutea

Hoodia macrantha

Hoodia marlothii

Hoodia meloformis

Hoodia montana

Hoodia mossamedensis

Hoodia officianis

Hoodia parviflora

Hoodia pedicellata

Hoodia perlata

Hoodia picta

Hoodia pilifera

Hoodia pillansii

Hoodia pretnar

Hoodia rosea

Hoodia ruschii

Hoodia rustica

Hoodia similis

Hoodia sociarum

Hoodia tirasmontana

Hoodia trichneri

Hoodia triebneri

Hoodia vaga

Hoodia whitesloaneana

Now which one were you talking about?
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