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Thanks for the info. However, it does disturb me a bit that someone could get a patent on something that grows in the ground. I guess what they've really patented is a chemical found in the plant, but I always prefer to take medicines in natural form if I can because the drug companies concentrate the essential elements to a degree the body was never intended to tolerate, producing all sorts of side effects.

Even natural products can be abused or contraindicated, of course, so self-education is important, but whenever certified Hoodia Gordonii itself is available -- either in powdered or fresh form, whichever works, that's what I'll be inclined to try, not Phytopharm's articificial product.

I didn't see the 60 minutes show and now have to decide whether to keep taking the Hoodia powder my husband bought.

I'm used to taking herbal supplements and monitoring my body's reaction and I've noted nothing adverse so far. I'm wondering about the problem, though, of knowing what's really in the pills -- or in any herbal supplements, for that matter.

I checked and found that all of my herbal supplements have the same statement that the Hoodia powder bottle does: "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." However, the statement applies to claims about what the product's results, not to whether the bottle contains what it says it does.

Aren't there laws against mislabeling which apply here? This is a U.S. manufacture and I can't imagine he wouldn't get in trouble for selling something that isn't what the container said it is. After examining all my bottles, I see nothing on the label to give me any more confidence that my Echinacea is what it is, than that this Hoodia is genuine.

I'd certainly like to continue taking the pills since I got on the scales this morning and have lost 3 pounds with virtually no effort. What a quandry!

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